Why We Love Our Pets

What is it about an animal that grabs our hearts and makes us fall in love with them? Is it the way a dog looks at you, wags it’s tail. and maybe tries to lick you (a kiss)? Or the way a cat comes up and brushes against you as if to say, you are my human? In either case, I believe we love our pets because they give us unconditional love and quickly become entrenched as our “children” – listening and following directions when we give them, and snuggling up to us when they sense we’ve had a rough day. They are always there for us – non-judgmental, giving us their undivided attention when we need to talk to them about our day – or problems. They also let us pet them – lowering our blood pressure (and theirs, too). This world would be an empty, forlorn place without our beloved pets.

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Kure Beach, North Carolina

Our vacation started with a day at Kure Beach, about two hours drive SE of Raleigh, North Carolina.  Luckily, the Green flag was out, showing that the surf was light – indicative of good swimming and bogey-boarding. Terns swooped overhead as my son took me out into the surf with an ocean wheelchair. They are wheelchairs that look like they have big, fat donuts for wheels and can be had by calling the local fire department (at current, free of charge). The only problem was: he got a really good workout by keeping the chair from getting entrenched in the sand with each wave. He didn’t mind, though and kept it up despite my protestations to go have a good time with his sister, Beth, and niece, Sarah. The water at first felt cold, but quickly felt warm while the outside wind went from warm to cold; It is odd how the sensations of each quickly reversed itself.  Afterwards, we went to a restaurant named ‘Big Daddy’s”. It had terrific seafood as I can recommend first-hand. The rest of the day was spent more at home, walking down a block from their home to a nearby lake. All was a big photo op for me as I rarely get out of the backyard for my pictures, so it has been a wonderful vacation thus far.


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Oh to have a friend is a wonderful thing! We chat about the weather, family, worries, and hopes for the future. None of us can survive just by ourselves; We need friends to lean on, to encourage, to love. Above are three examples of friendship:

Once while visiting a nursing home, I noticed a woman who was very visibly upset. Quietly, the woman near her gently took her hand and simply held it, and the upset woman calmed down considerably. All she needed was a friend who cared about her.

The second photo depicts friends out on a boat having fun. They aren’t  thinking about problems,  but have little care in the world right now. Remember those days? Sometimes we would be spontaneous – just let things happen. Suddenly go to the zoo or the mall for no reason at all but to have spontaneous fun. And the laughter? Sometimes we would laugh until we couldn’t breathe and our ribs hurt. THAT was when we knew we were having the best time ever.

The third picture depicts two men having a serious, heart-to-heart talk about problems – or maybe about fishing and other interests. It is a calm, quiet friendship that does not have to prove anything to anyone. That is good friendship..

So, if you don’t have friends – and even if you do, go out and meet new people; Let them know you exist and have fun! And remember, they are a good support system when you need it. Be a friend, too.

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First Lily of the Season


Today was a joyous one as I saw the first lily of the season; That means Summer is near and my vacation to go see my grandson is even closer.  I am so excited for both!

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I’m King of the Mountain!

IMG_3602Goldie and her brother were playing on a heavy stack of lumber and she made it to the top of the pile. She acted as if she were teasing him, calling,  “I am King of the Mountain!”

He acted nonchalant, but the minute she got down, he climbed his way to the top and looked down on her in the same manner. It was funny.  They are so cute to watch as they grow each day and learn new behaviors. I can’t think of better entertainment.


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Loving Hands


My friend, Barb with Little Gray who is the mother of two boisterous kittens. She took a moment away from mothering to eat – and for a little cuddling.

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Meet My New Grandson


Meet my new grandson, Wyatt Alexander. He was born at 12:43 pm Eastern time today – and already he has his eyes on the world. I wonder what he is thinking there? I had to take this picture from my computer as my son’s family lives 14 hours away. But – I will get to travel down next week to meet the little guy face to face. What a treat that will be!

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