Oh to have a friend is a wonderful thing! We chat about the weather, family, worries, and hopes for the future. None of us can survive just by ourselves; We need friends to lean on, to encourage, to love. Above are three examples of friendship:

Once while visiting a nursing home, I noticed a woman who was very visibly upset. Quietly, the woman near her gently took her hand and simply held it, and the upset woman calmed down considerably. All she needed was a friend who cared about her.

The second photo depicts friends out on a boat having fun. They aren’t  thinking about problems,  but have little care in the world right now. Remember those days? Sometimes we would be spontaneous – just let things happen. Suddenly go to the zoo or the mall for no reason at all but to have spontaneous fun. And the laughter? Sometimes we would laugh until we couldn’t breathe and our ribs hurt. THAT was when we knew we were having the best time ever.

The third picture depicts two men having a serious, heart-to-heart talk about problems – or maybe about fishing and other interests. It is a calm, quiet friendship that does not have to prove anything to anyone. That is good friendship..

So, if you don’t have friends – and even if you do, go out and meet new people; Let them know you exist and have fun! And remember, they are a good support system when you need it. Be a friend, too.


Photos are from the private and copyrighted collection of Nancy A. Jones.



I am a grandmother of three teens (1 girl and 2 boys), and a three-day-old grandson. My friend, Barb is a prolific blogger and she encouraged me to become more outgoing in my thoughts and ideas. I decided to start with a photo blog as that seems more comfortable a fit.
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