Why We Love Our Pets


What is it about an animal that grabs our hearts and makes us fall in love with them? Is it the way a dog looks at you, wags it’s tail. and maybe tries to lick you (a kiss)? Or the way a cat comes up and brushes against you as if to say, you are my human? In either case, I believe we love our pets because they give us unconditional love and quickly become entrenched as our “children” – listening and following directions when we give them, and snuggling up to us when they sense we’ve had a rough day. They are always there for us – non-judgmental, giving us their undivided attention when we need to talk to them about our day – or problems. They also let us pet them – lowering our blood pressure (and theirs, too). This world would be an empty, forlorn place without our beloved pets.


Photos are from the private and copyrighted collection of Nancy A. Jones.


About wolfen1758@gmail.com

I am a grandmother of three teens (1 girl and 2 boys), and a three-day-old grandson. My friend, Barb is a prolific blogger and she encouraged me to become more outgoing in my thoughts and ideas. I decided to start with a photo blog as that seems more comfortable a fit.
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