Why Do We Like Flowers?


People from all over the world – and from ancient times to the present, give great value to flowers. Not only do we consider them beautiful, but it makes us happy to both give and receive them. why? Studies have shown that giving flowers makes the giver appear to be happier than most, successful, and sociable. The receiver feels cared for, loved, and happier. Some flowers’ fragrance can mimic our sex pheromones, which is likely why they are used for romance…and partly why we are so attracted to them. I personally love the colors they produce as well as the fragrance – and thus enjoy photographing them.

Go outside and take a walk through your neighborhood. Enjoy the abundance of a variety of flowers and let it take away the stress of the day.




Photos are from the private and copyrighted collection of Nancy A. Jones


About wolfen1758@gmail.com

I am a grandmother of three teens (1 girl and 2 boys), and a three-day-old grandson. My friend, Barb is a prolific blogger and she encouraged me to become more outgoing in my thoughts and ideas. I decided to start with a photo blog as that seems more comfortable a fit.
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